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They're here! Our new baby sweaters, hats and gift sets have arrived: we are updating the site, so bear with us! New colors are in stock & ready to ship - including the new baby bunting & romper sets: please email us if you need something right away! Contact Fab

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Merino Wool Baby Sweater Sets with Hats
Merino Wool Baby sweater sets are a great gift for any child -- and a great gift for yourself and your little one.
65% Merino wool/35% Acrylic

The Sets are sold out! Limited sizes are available in Crayola and Oatmeal, please see the merino sweater page. For other sweater sets, please see the choices in the left hand menu.

Pullover & Tassle Hat
Merino Wool Childrens Sweater
Pullover & Earflap Hat




Snuggle Sweater + Cleo Tassel Hat Shown on Liam in Crayola

Our Oh-so-soft Merino Wool baby Sweater & Hat set is a great team: a snuggly warm but go-anywhere sweater plus a show-stopping hat, in any of three styles: our classic cappie, perky cleo triangle hat with poms or our ear flap CHUPA-style hat . They all do the same thing: keep you warm and toasty but still have the style and freedom of movement to let your child climb to the top of the monkey bars.

We are currently out of stock on the Crayola Color in all but 6-12mos, due to Liams winsome face! But, more are on the way, and should be arriving within 1-2 weeks, so please, make sure if you're thinking of this sweater, you order it right away! -Judy/

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