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The BABY A LINE OF Baby Alpaca handknit Sweaters and Hats from Fab

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Who says beauty isn't functional?

Our beautiful baby alpaca is soft, warm and light.

Alpaca is a hollow core fiber, which means it's a great insulator, and baby alpaca, taken from the first shearing of the alpaca, is the softest.

Together, you get a working luxury fiber that will keep your little one toasty warm, but is durable, lightweight and classy.























Baby Gifts

How to find the perfect gift for that perfect baby?

Baby Blankets

There's only one way. Think Unique. Think Unusual. Think of

Baby Booties

something that can be handed down. Go look at what everyone else is selling for baby shower gifts. And then come here. You'll find a baby gift that is beyond compare.


Baby Hats

Contact us, tell us about the mom, and the dad, and we'll point you to the right sweater for that special baby.

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