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Baby Booties | A gorgeous baby gift

sizes Preemie - 6 mos - 12 mos
Gift Wrap Available - or choose our Booty Bag option with any Bootie -Includes gift card.

handknit handpainted wool booties Baby Booties in Baby Alpaca
Baby Booties in
Handpainted Merino Wool $22
handknit silk booties
Merino Wool Baby Booties
Baby booties in multicolor boucle
Booties for babies in Handpainted Silk $22 Ultra soft baby booties Morehouse Merino Wool from the Hudson Valley $22 Magical Soft Boucle baby booties with Harlequin anklet $18


Well, what can you say about baby booties? You find the perfect baby booty, you buy it, you stick em on those wiggly toes, and minutes later they're gone! It's heart breaking. I have a drawerfull of them...

Well, I can't promise that your heart won't break again. Because if you lose these booties, as you inevitably will, you will understand what loving an article of your child's clothing means! I love these booties. I put them on my little one, and he wiggles his tootsies and loves them.

With all of my booties, I've tried to fix the problem of bootie-disappearance. I haven't totally succeeded, but these are definitely IMPROVED articles. Most have self ties that are lifesavers. With most, I am now doing self-ties, because the friction between the knitted yarn of the tie and the booty seem to help keep them on. The harlequin booties don't need help...these REALLY stay on.

Baby booties are one of my obsessions, so I'll keep trying new yarns and new styles, as long as my fingers can knit...I hope YOU've found a new, perfect baby gift, for someone else's, or your, loved one.

How to find the perfect gift for the perfect baby? There's only one way. Think Unique. Think Unusual. Think of something that can be handed down. Go look at what everyone else is selling for baby shower gifts. And then come here. You'll find a baby gift that is beyond compare. Contact us, tell us about the mom, and the dad, and we'll point you to the right sweater for that special baby.

Booty Bags make great
Baby Shower Gifts!
(Gift Card Included!)
All Styles can be ordered in BootyBags!
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