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Sweater Sizing Information

Fabsweaters are designed to be roomy and loose-fit, but take into account standard sizing in the industry. We use Gap and Old Navy for size reference, so if a 2T jacket fits your child, our 2T sweater will, too.

Because our sweaters are handknit, each is different. They don't vary widely, but they do vary!

infant sizes (0-6mos) will have a 10" width/20 inch chest circumference and an 11" length.

  • INFANT (not available in all sweaters) will have a 10" width/20" circumerence.
  • 6-12 mos will have an 11" width/22"" chest  circumference, and a 12/13" length.  
  • 12-18 mos will have 12" width/24" chest  circumference with a 13" length.  
  • 18-24 mos will be 13"width/26"  chest circumference. and a 14 inch length.  
  • 2T/3T mos will be 14 inch width/28"  circumference around the chest with a 15" length.  
  • 4T/5T mos will be 15"width/30"  circumference around the chest. and 15" in length.
Please note that you may exchange any fabsweater for another due to sizing


The best way to figure out sizing for a fab hat is to measure one that currently does, or doesnt, fit. Our hat sizes are based on Gap and Old Navy, but vary slightly because we modify them according to Yarn Stretch.

Hat sizes are as follows, and are measured in head circumference:
6 mos hats are 14" circumference. (for infants up to 1 year)
12-18 mos 16" (for toddlers, generally)
2T/3T are 18" circumference. (anyone over 2 years)
4T/5T are 10" circumference. (Older children